About Us

We are Reggio-inspired. It is an educational philosophy that believes; the child is strong and capable and has the right to receive the best care and learning options from the society. It is based on relationships (educator, child & family) and interactions. Our image of the child is as resilient human being that deserves to be treated with respect. We strive to provide quality care for children to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Our philosophy

At our centre we see play as a tool that supports the healthy development of the whole child. We strongly believe that play gives the children the ability to explore with their own senses, communicate, relate to others, create, build problem solving skills and most important, it fosters learning. We consider play as a way that children construct their knowledge of the world around them through practice. When children are interested and engaged in play, it helps them to connect with the world around them and that plays a role in laying the foundation for learning and discovering


Our educators are compassionate, experienced and trained in Early Childhood Education Field. They ensure to provide opportunities for meaningful, relevant learning experiences and social interactions to encourage lifelong learning. If you are committed to make a change in children’s life, consider to join our team.


The learning environment is a foundamental part of Reggio Emilia Approach. It is often considered as “a third teacher” At our centre the learning environment is carefully and continuously arranged based on children’s interests. It is purposefully designed in order to promote social interactions, group work and learning. It is Aesthetic and includes natural light, transparency, nature elements and calming and neutral colors to support discovery. High quality art supplies, including paints, clay and natural objects are provided to foster and inspire creativity.


In our centre we strongly focus in reinforcing healthy eating habits. We believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A nutritious breakfast helps children with concentration and learning. It also helps with strength and endurance for physical activity. Our child nutrition program provides breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. All meals are nut free and are prepared by including a variety of foods from the four food groups, based on Canada Food Guide. We involve children in fun and simple cooking experiences to encourage them learn about nutrition and healthy eating. Based on their age group and development, techniques such as; mixing, stirring, shaking , greasing , wrapping, pouring, cutting and rolling are encouraged to practice in order to learn new skills. We value these experiences and see them as opportunities to incorporate science, language, math and creativity.